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LohnStar Optics, Inc. provides custom IR thin film coatings for medical, research, industrial, military and national space defense applications.  Coatings are designed using the latest computer software, with state-of-the-art optimization techniques.  Our specialties are in low absorbing, high damage threshold coatings for CO2, Er:YAG and high-power chemical lasers, at wavelengths from 2-16 microns, and sputtered thin-film filters from 250nm out to 50+ microns, including diamond-like carbon.  We also provide finished optics in partnership with our fabrication and polishing associates.  Our vacuum systems can accommodate optics up to 38", in small and OEM quantities.

 A partial list of our products includes:

o Beam Combiners

o Beamsplitters

o Broadband Filters

o CO2 Laser Optics

o Lenses

o Mirrors  

o Optical Parametric Oscillators

o Output Couplers

o Partial Reflectors

o Phase Controllers

o Polarizers

o QCL Coatings, all varieties

o Very Low Loss Mirrors   (<30ppm)

o Windows

Typical coatings:

o Antireflection

o Beamsplitter

o Broadband AR

o Diamond-like Carbon

o Dielectric Reflector

o Dual Band AR

o Metallic and Enhanced Metallic

o Ninety Degree Phase Mirror @ 10.6 microns

o Polarizing Beamsplitter

o Zero Phase Mirror @ 10.6 microns

***Non-radioactive Ge FLIR coating per Mil-Spec 48616--Superior Transmission  


Amtir, Aluminum, Beryllium, Calcium Fluoride, Copper, Fused Silica, Gallium Arsenide, Germanium, Glass, Infrasil, Indium Phosphide, Molybdenum, Nd:YAG, Sapphire, Silicon, Zerodur, Zinc Sulfide, Zinc Selenide.


All spectral requirements are verified using our a combination of state of the art spectrophotometers.  We also perform Mil-Spec environmental testing and vacuum calorimetry as required.

LohnStar Optics is committed to meeting your design objectives to produce exactly what you need, exactly when you need it--at a cost well below our competition.


Contact us today for a detailed discussion of your design requirements--we respond promptly to all inquiries.


1863 Commercial St.
Escondido, CA 92029
PHONE:  760-489-7774
FAX:  760-489-7747