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LohnStar Optics, Inc. has been providing custom, highly-specialized IR thin film coatings for medical, research, industrial, military and national space defense applications since 1997.  Coatings are designed using the latest computer software, with state-of-the-art optimization techniques. Our vacuum systems can accommodate optics up to 38". We pride ourselves in being able to meet any coating needs using our 20+ years of experience and expertise.

  • Some of our specialties include:

  • Ultra Low-Loss Supermirrors from 1µm-14µm

  • Quantum Cascade Laser coatings (AR, BBAR, PR, HR Coatings)

  • High damage threshold coatings for CO2, Er:YAG and high-power chemical lasers at wavelengths from 2-16 microns

Sputtered thin film filters from 250nm out to 50+ microns, including diamond-like carbon. 

  • We also provide finished optics in partnership with our fabrication and polishing associates.  Our vacuum systems can accommodate optics up to 38", in small and OEM quantities.

All spectral requirements are verified using multiple state of the art spectrophotometers.  We also perform Mil-Spec environmental testing and vacuum calorimetry as required.

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