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Our cavity ring-down mirrors are all-dielectric mirrors that are manufactured with a proprietary process to ensure ultra low losses from scatter and absorption. These mirrors frequently have reflectivity above 99.99%. Losses due to scatter and absorption vary with respect to wavelength, but can be as low as ~10ppm. Our process ensures the absolute best ring down times.

Over the span of 20+ years, LohnStar Optics has developed a unique process that enables us to manufacture coatings with extremely low losses from scatter and absorption. It is with this process and our extensive experience that we are able to develop custom coating designs for ultra low-loss mirrors for use in cavity ring-down applications from 1µm to 15µm. The most common substrate materials used for these mirrors are Zinc Selenide, Silicon, and Fused Silica. Picking the right substrate material and specifications is just as important as the coatings. Please contact us if you have questions about how we can help you make the right decisions to manufacture the perfect mirrors for your unique application.


In addition to custom coatings, we also have a limited number of mirrors in stock available for purchase. Prices vary depending on the coating design and wavelength of interest. We're happy to answer any questions regarding individual inventory items.

Mirror for Cavity Ring Down Spectroscopy

CRD Mirror Inventory

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