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LohnStar Optics started doing AR coatings for CO2 laser applications in 1997. We continue to provide world-class anti-reflection coatings for use at 10.6µm, but we have also found a niche in completely custom anti-reflection coatings for a wide variety of substrate materials. We have experience manufacturing AR coatings on all of the common substrate materials like ZnSe, Si, FuSi, and Ge as well as on most of the uncommon materials such as GaSb, InP, and Diamond. The range in which we can make AR coatings extends from 200nm-50µm. We also offer Ultra-Low Absorbing (ULA) AR Coatings.

Single Wavelength AR

Single Wavelength AR Coatings (sometimes called V-Coat) target one wavelength in order to improve throughput of an optical system. LohnStar can produce Single Wavelength AR Coatings from 300nm-20µm optimized for reflectance < 0.25%.

Single Wavelength AR Reflectance Plot

Dual-Band AR (DBAR)

Dual-Band AR Coatings target two wavelengths. Oftentimes these coatings will target a wavelength in the visible as well as a wavelength in the infrared.

Dual Band AR Reflectance Plot

Broadband AR (BBAR)

Broadband AR Coatings target an entire band of wavelengths. Specifications vary based on wavelength, angle of incidence, polarization, etc.

Broadband AR Reflectance Plot

Ultra-Low Absorbing AR (ULA)

ULA Coatings are optimized for use at 10.6µm. They are manufactured with special materials and a unique process to achieve extremely low absorption (<0.12%)

ZnSe Window

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